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Concrete Deck: 5 Great Design Ideas

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During the hot summer seasons, a pool is the ideal outdoor amenity to have. A backyard swimming pool can’t only function as the center of the summer activities for your neighbors, family, and friends, but it can also be a great focal point for your backyard. The other features of your backyard must counterpart your swimming pool. Functional, decorative concrete deck nearby your pool is the best way to make your area even more fun and beautiful and incorporate more value to your property. Below are some of the best ideas you can use for your concrete pool deck project.

Utilize a unique border

An accent border near your pool comes with both design and functional benefits. This does not only assist in visually breaking up plain concrete’s large slabs, but it definitely helps in exactly defining your pool’s edges, which makes them safer because they are easier to observe and see.

Incorporate LED lighting for safety and design

If you are designing your concrete pool deck, you should prioritize your safety, particularly when you have kids who usually run around your backyard and pool area. Regardless of the materials and layout, you select, you will have to guarantee that you have enough lighting to guarantee you, your friends, and your family’s safety during those evening hours spent out by the pool. The best way to execute this is by using LED lighting. Small LED lights could be attached in your concrete deck, below your benches, or concretes stairs as well to help illuminate your space outside and make it beneficial for more than the usual hours you can spend outdoors.

Add some dedicated areas

Though your swimming pool is usually your deck area and backyard patio’s focal point, extra concrete features such as benches covered with cushions or a fire pit can make your area a lot more inviting and homey. These additional areas won’t just add variety and dimensions to your concrete design, but they can also provide you space where you can relax with a beautiful view of your pool and spend time with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Go for a sand finish

If would like to incorporate visual interest and texture without being too much with a modern design, you cannot go wrong by choosing a sand finish. With its versatile color options and design, this kind of finish could incorporate comfort and elegance to your pool deck. Moreover, a sand finish can make a natural feel, which resembles a beach, making it nice to walk over with bare feet since it’s not too slippery and you can comfortably walk on it.

Make your pool decks appeal-like wood, brick, or stone.

Usually, we think about a gray and smooth slab if we talk about concrete. However, concrete design can actually do a lot of amazing things. Utilizing stamped concrete for your pool deck enables for virtually unlimited options when it comes to patterns and colors. If you want to know more about this, check out Asheville Concrete today.

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